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Cases at national level

Cases at national level

Several countries that ratified the Convention and that currently witness or have witnessed enforced disappearances in the past use the Covention for legal cases. Below you can read some of the first cases in which the Convention is actually used in practice.


On July 15, 2009 a Mexican Senate Commission requests the Prosecuting Office for an investigation into a recent kidnapping/disappearance case in Chiapas (April 14, 2009) while referring explicitly to article 2 of the Convention and the codification in Mexican law. There is no evidence the State is involved but there is a lack of investigation. Link to the article in Spanish


On July 18, 2009 the Minister of Justice of Bolivia presented charges of cases of enforced disappearances to the Prosecutors Office with the request for an investigation. The cases occured during the armed conflict several decades ago. The charges are based on the Inter-American Convention on enforced disappearances and the International Convention. Link to an article in Spanish